Not many centers have on-site ultrasound.  Most of the time, you would have to be seen in the ER to have bedside ultrasound available.  Most of the time, you would have to be sent to another site to get your ultrasound done, which can delay your diagnosis and treatment.

At Premier Family Healthcare, you have access to on-site ultrasound so that we can more quickly diagnose your conditions such as:

  • abdominal pain
  • gall stones
  • kidney stones
  • breast lumps/pain
  • neck lumps/masses
  • leg pain / blood clots
  • skin infections versus skin abscess determination

Faster diagnosis with ultrasound means faster treatment of your pain.


Ultrasound Technician: Manjot Bains, DMS

Manjot has been a medical assistant with us for over 6 years and did her ultrasound training with us to help us expand our services.  She also does ultrasound work for Stockdale Radiology.