Diabetic Care

Sixty-six percent of Americans are overweight, and 1/3 of us are obese.  This has created an epidemic of Diabetes in our community.

At Premier Family Healthcare, we comprehensive care for your diabetic family members.

  • Yearly screening for your non-diabetic with a family history of diabetes
  • Catch pre-diabetes as soon as possible
  • Help you understand what you must do as a pre-diabetic in order to prevent/delay your onset of full-blown diabetes
  • optimize your oral diabetic medications as soon as you develop diabetes
  • introduce you to the latest medications that work the best
  • help you lose weight to slow diabetic progression
  • help you monitor for diabetic complications and get treatment early to prevent blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, foot ulcers, etc
  • monitor and control your weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure to reduce the risks for heart attacks and strokes that come along with diabetes.
  • get you into diabetic teaching and counseling classes
  • if you get severe and have to start insulin, we will adjust the dosing with you
  • provide you with 24 hour glucose monitoring if needed (no fingersticks)
  • help you get insulin pumps and adjust dosing with you when needed


Dr. Steven Chen had extensive training for diabetes management beyond the scope that was taught in most residency training programs.