Can We Get A Zika Outbreak in Bakersfield?

Patients have come in to ask us this question, and some have requested being tested for Zika virus infection as well.

Although there have not been any known cases of Zika virus infection in California yet, theoretically an outbreak is possible in the future because we have found reservoirs of the Aedes mosquitos in Kern County, as close to Bakersfield as Arvin.  See map here (

These Aedes mosquitos can serve as vectors to spread the infection once a person carries the infection to Californai after traveling araod

So although there are no infections yet locally, the potential is there.  That’s why it is important for all of us to do the best we can to clear any stagnant water on our properties to help prevent spreading of the Zika virus should it surface in the county.

If you traveled to areas where Zika infections are prevalent and come back with flu-like symptoms, consider if you should get tested.  See Zika Testing in Bakersfield.

To your health!

Danh H. Nguyen MD